It Takes a Village

When we decided to stop going to church, I wasn’t worried about those things that used to keep me awake at night. I wasn’t concerned about the state of my soul. I wasn’t worried if God could love a sinner like me. I no longer felt like I was living a life simply in the […]

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Listen to the Children

The lamp on the small table next to my side of the bed was the only light in the room.  A warm yellow glow.  I was reading as I settled in for the night and Drew was already half asleep next to me. Abbey stopped in to say goodnight and to drop off her phone […]

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My Eagles Fans

I’ll be rooting for the Eagles on Super Bowl Sunday. Living near Philly for 17 years and being married to and the mother of some big time Eagles fans leaves me no other choice. They’re happy, I’m happy.  I also love all my friends who are die-hard Eagles fans, some fine, fine people.  And just […]

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Single Digits

It’s 6am Saturday morning and Drew is next to me hiding his phone under the covers as he catches up on the latest headlines. While he’s trying block the blue light from my face, his special alarm clock has gone off that lights up the room with some natural “sun is gently coming” up glow. […]

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Being Human

Get it out, get it out, get it out… I’m repeating it to myself as I drop off the kids, wander through Target, and put away my groceries at home. Today I’m holding the pain of the world. The pain of my son, the pain of a nightmare, the pain of living with such blatant […]

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Late Fall in Chicago

The wind picks up again and grabs all the dead leaves off of our lawn. I cheer as they fly directly into our neighbors yard; sweet relief and good-bye to all that work. Moments later the wind laughs at me as it changes direction and brings them back, two-fold, securing them all in our bushes. […]

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There’s No Place Like Home

  The kids are already heads down and eyes glazed over as they stare mindlessly at their electronic devices. The car is quiet as we begin the 5 hour journey back to Chicago. Another family visit for the holidays becomes a memory. For once, I’m not behind the wheel. Sitting in the passenger seat I […]

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