Seated on the picnic blanket, I lick the raspberry jelly from my fingers.

Sticky and sweet.

Crumbs of baked sugar and butter fall to the ground. Immediately, an ant takes notice and comes into the scene.

Slowly, I stand.

I follow the trail of crumbs back into the house.

A singing tea kettle awaits.

A mug, a tea bag, a sugar spoon. It steams as I pour the hot water. Gently, I carry it back out and into my sunny spot.

The blanket calls me back to rest.

Sun beating.

Crickets chirping.

Breeze blowing.

I have come to this place to just be. To notice.

Notice those inner stirrings and thoughts swirling. I let them swirl and then release them out into the grandeur of this day.

I am left with my tea. My pen. My notebook.

Here I am in this large space. In this quiet place.




All these things I never notice as I move through most minutes, hours and days.

But today, here, I sense the Divine calling me.

Sit. Stay. Still. Silence.


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