To The Wanderer

There is something so beautiful and so freeing when you begin to wander. To wonder. To awaken to mystery. (As Annie Dillard says)

But let us not forget. This is not a path we choose. This is a place life takes us. Sometimes gently by the hand. Sometimes kicking and screaming. Often it is suffering and grief that change the scenery so significantly- there is no familiar home to go back to.

And so we wander. There is discovery. There is freedom. There is hope. There is pain. There is doubt. There is loss. There is isolation.


But in this new place that has disoriented you, dear wanderer- know this. You are not the first. You are not the last. You are one of many to cross into this new space. And slowly you will find others whose journey (though all unique) has brought them here. Our stories connect us. Our wounds bind us.

You may be lonely, but you are not alone.

Wander on.


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