The Circle

The lights are low. The stage is set.
Eleven chairs are placed into a perfect circle. The center holds a small table with a vessel that is aglow with a candle. The flickering flame is a constant reminder of the Spirit of God that is with us.     Always.

This circle is a sacred place.

It holds hope and dreams.

Pain and loss.

Questions and mystery.

The chairs are filled and stories spill over. We lay them out in front of one another, a chance to be heard. For some of these stories are too heavy to carry on our own. They must be shared. And the weight is distributed around that place, held by many.

We risk.
We trust.

We are challenged to unveil our truest selves.

The flame flickers.

There are no lines that can be crossed where you are out of love’s reach.

There are no outsiders.

The room is quiet again. Another story begins and the pieces are picked up by the open hearts.
God is here in the quiet.

It is here where the sacred comes to life.


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