Small Stones

I have taken a leap and begun a writing class.  Just a little something to push myself forward and get the creative juices flowing.  As a part of that course, each day I am to capture small moments that I am fully engaged in.  It has been a really valuable experience as it is so easy to flow through each day without thinking of each action I am taking.  In the course they are called “small stones.”   Here are a few from my week….

Small Stone #3

One foot in front of the other.  My tired legs do what they are told.  Each stride is work as the sweat pours down my face.  Ugh.  I am grumpy.  It’s October and humid.  There has been no cool relief that usually comes with the fall.  No matter, the run must go on.  Training is in full gear and each run is a requirement to be fully prepared for that day.  So the sweat pools in my eyes and my tired feet pound on.

Small Stone #4

I pull hard as the roots cling deep in the soil- holding on for dear life.  Rotten tomatoes, tiny and misshapen fall to the ground.  To the garage I go, determined to find the right shears for the job.  I return with the small clippers and proceed to pare down the brown and twisted plants.  Pulling, digging, and shoving the remains into compost bags.  My garden season has come to an end.  The leftovers have returned to the earth.  I am left covered in dirt, soil caked under my fingernails.  

I’ve enjoyed this practice of capturing fully engaged moments.  I’m convinced this is not just for writers, but something for all of us to do.

Please do.  






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