Showing Up

Last night I finished the book Pastrix by Nadia Bolz- Weber.  My first instinct was to resist this book (not sure why) but after hearing her interviewed by Krista Tippett at the Wild Goose Festival, I had to hear more.  And the book was good.  The book was worth reading, without a doubt.  If you watch the interview, you do get a lot of the book, but there is more.  So as I finished the last few pages last evening, I came to a few sentences that breathed life in me.  Life I needed.

“My former bishop, Allan Bjornberg once said that the greatest spiritual practice isn’t yoga or praying the hours or living in intentional poverty, although these are all beautiful in their own way.  The greatest spiritual practice is just showing up.  And Mary Magdalene is the patron saint of just showing up.  Showing up, to me, means being present to what is real, what is actually happening.  Mary Magdelene didn’t necessarily know what to say or what to do or even what to think when she encountered the risen Jesus.  But none of that was nearly as important  as the fact that she was present and attentive to him.”

I’ve been so discouraged in some ways with how Drew and I have seen our faith evolve over the years.  But as I look around us right now, I see people and places that have been gifts and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  We are blessed with people who love us first, not fix us first.  After listening to last weeks’ sermon at SMC, I was reminded again how crucial it is to be in a community with people who are committed to following Jesus and allowing their faith to evolve over and over.  Being part of a community that follows the risen Christ.  The God who is NOW.    So while our lives may not look outwardly like we are these amazing Christians (or Christians at all) we are being true to the places our life has brought us.

This morning I saw this video of a bus driver who just showed up when he needed to.

And I find myself grateful.

Grateful for our people.

Grateful for those who continue to just show up for us.

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