Three Small Stones

i catch the fleeting smell of a cozy fire, heating a home near by

burning wood

cool air sucked into my lungs

foggy mountain scenery in the distance

the sweat drips from my brow as i jog back to the lodge

still waters before the falls

last strides go over the old bridge

a pacific northwest morning and a 5 mile run

 beauty is everywhere

for this day, i am here.

that moment when i first begin to wake

for 30 seconds,  all is right with the world

then the memories slowly creep in

the  mind clouds part

stress of the night before returns

mistakes made, tightness resumes in my chest

a deep sigh

prayers for redemption in this new day

each crack, inside and out makes itself heard

the refrigerator runs

a fan in the background

the house settles

the heat turns on


light begins to come through the sides of the window shades

surrounded by books and a fresh cup of coffee,

 i sit downstairs in anticipation


this loud quiet will soon be broken

 the moment someones feet shift out of bed and hit the floor with a thud.



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