Baby Shower for a Stranger? Let’s do it.


Babies have been born because of an emergency. Still hoping for some folks to join me to shower this young woman with some love and diapers!

Hi blog readers-

Anyone there?  🙂

I have this crazy idea and thought maybe, just maybe,  I could get some of you to help…..

My good friend is a social worker and we often ask her this time of year if there is a family we can help.  This year, she told us about a woman who is expecting twin girls that will be born January 2nd, premature.   This mom also has a two year old boy.   And another big also, she is completely blind.   She has nothing for the babies.    So, she has a lot on her plate, to say the least…

I always had more than I needed for my kids, but a lot of that is gone.  We have a few things left that we keep here for our visiting niece, but we have mostly moved on from the baby stage.

I’d love to collect some things for this family.   If you have some baby items (in good shape) like baby girl clothing, a pack n play, bouncy seat or instead would like to contribute a pack of diapers, wipes, etc…   all these things would be so helpful.  This mom is local and I can get the things to her.  From now into the beginning of January, I’d like to get some things together for her.  Not looking for anything fancy, just the basics that we all need.

This is the only time I’ll ask, I don’t want anyone to feel obliged.  So if you feel moved to help, please let me know.  Feel free to send me a private message or an email at

Love to all.


4 thoughts on “Baby Shower for a Stranger? Let’s do it.

  1. Hey Lisa, We’d love to help. I can’t even imagine taking care of one child while being blind, let alone premature twins on top. Does she need a crib and changing table? Ours was recently returned after being on loan for a few years. She is more than welcome to the set. We also have a pack-n-play. Let me know!


    1. Hi Annette! I hear you. I cannot imagine being in her shoes and would love to help her out! I sent a message to my friend to see if she needs those things. I know she needs the pack n play. I will get back to you! Drew and I can come pick anything up. Thanks, friend! So appreciate the love.


  2. Thanks Annette! I’m going to call her and ask what she has room for. I know space is very limited where she lives. Again, I think the pack n play for sure is useful. Babies will be in the hospital until February, so maybe even you could bring the pack n play to our January weekend at Kairos since we don’t need to have it right away… Anyways, I will be in touch! Thanks friend, means SO much!


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