Am I Open To An Encounter With God?

This is taken from my daily Lent reflections by Paula D’Arcy.    I’ve come back to it several times now.

Am I Open To An Encounter With God?

Do I really listen to new ideas with a heartfelt openness to grow?   I appear receptive, but aren’t I simply taking it in and confirming what I already believe, and nothing more?  Fixed in my world view,  insulated from change, I protect myself, creating a fail safe way to cling to the security of a comfortable life.

If the first disciples had had a similar mind set, they would have never followed.  It’s sobering to say that.  

Their enormous “yes” required unreasonable and unparalleled openness to change.  In the end it was their willingness to suspend cherished beliefs that served them.

Still thinking.   Still reflecting.   But these words will not leave me.



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