Wind Chimes and Worship

I slipped out the back door and found a place in a comfy chair on our patio.   Our busy neighborhood was quiet and  still.  So, I sat and listened.  The birds chirped and the wind chimes played me a beautiful song.  I found stillness in that moment and sank deeply into the cushion that held me.  The kids were inside and Drew was away for the day.  I knew it would be busy with church, baseball, soccer and more soccer.  

So I just stayed there.

The breeze touched the leaves.  The chimes continued and I let it all in.

For me, this morning, this was my worship.

I spend my time at church wrestling my children in the pew.  Putting out fires with sibling conflicts and general restlessness.  I thought about Drew, miles away,  running his race. His Church of the Long Run.  I was jealous.  My mind tried desperately to engage, but I was continually pulled this way and that.

Sometimes it’s just like that.  We need to find worship wherever we can find the stillness.  In those places where the burdens feel a bit lighter and the pressures surrounding us feel a slightly further away- if only for a moment.

Grateful for those moments alone with the wind and the chimes.  It was there, in this beautiful, busy, sunny day that the Spirit met me.  


But I’ll take it.





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