Country Girl in a City World?

My laptop is in front of me and I’m distracted by all the things I should be doing.

It’s time to go through our books, games and all of the extras. It’s time to decide what we are actually using and what should be shared. It’s time to pass on kid’s toys and go through the attic. It’s time to look around and figure out what it is we need and what we really don’t.

Nothing reminds you more that we carry way too much stuff in this life, than preparing to move.

The realtor was here today and I’ve had a lump in my throat ever since he left. So many big decisions in the last several months and the reality is coming down all at once. Notice has been given about a job and friends and family have been told. The hurdle of wondering what is next has finally been jumped.

My heart is beating so hard and fast as I write, the joy and the fear all rolled up into one.

We are taking a huge risk and stepping out into the world once again. From Seattle and Detroit, we ended up in Jackson, MS. From there we followed Nancy Perkins and her kids and made a home here in Lancaster County. Sixteen years have passed. We never imagined we would have stayed this long. But we did, and we are grateful. We celebrated our first anniversary here, bought our first home, finished college, and went to nursing school. We welcomed three energetic children who have become the center of our life together. We had family join us here, some for ten years, some for a few. We have made friends here that have become family and love us like theirs. We never anticipated all that would happen and look what adventures we have had. But now it’s time to move into a different space and place and begin new ones.

Chicago, here we come.

So does that make me a Country Girl in a City World? I believe so. We are just a little bit of everything in this household.

Drew has accepted a new position at a hospital in downtown Chicago. He is looking forward to the change and new challenges to tackle. We are looking forward to life in a big city and life closer to our family in Detroit. We have a lot to look forward to.

But, that doesn’t make this easy. We will be saying goodbye to many precious things as well.  Much to gain, much to lose.  Doesn’t every decision seem this way?

Drew will begin the end of April, but the kids and I will finish the school year here. Once we’ve got everything settled, we’ll be permanently under one roof again. Lots to think about. Lots to do.

We could have never imagined that this girl from Michigan and this guy from Washington would have started a life and family in Pennsylvania. But we did. And the reason it worked was because of people. You, you and you.

We hope you can dream with us as we help our family transition to life in a new place. It’s scary. It’s exciting. And right now what is hitting me?

It’s for real.

Our country girl Our country girl

4 thoughts on “Country Girl in a City World?

  1. Best wishes Lisa an Drew. I’ve moved at least 7 times and it is all those feelings but I have to say each time I found a community of friends and family and also loved starting a new slate kinda like new school year when we all were straight A students and had the chance to try new roles and experiences. Peace and God’s Blessings. I know Grandma Shirley is ” over the moon”

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