“When The World Feels Too Loud…”

I could hear the shouting, even before I turned the computer on.

I knew the judgements would be flying and the anger would be flowing. I could feel the pain and sadness before I even opened the laptop.

So Loud.
So Certain.
So Angry.
So Right.
So Them.

As I sit in my kitchen this morning, mug of coffee next to me and fingers flying on the keyboard, I am drawn to the quiet. Not a quiet where I don’t stand for what I believe in or a quiet that accepts wrong, violence and injustice. It’s a quiet that wonders, Who am I in this big messy world? Am I part of the problem? Where do I stand in these virtual riots? Where is that line of good and evil that crosses through my own heart? Why am I so quick to judge everyone else? Why is this unrest only continuing to worsen- in me and in the world around me? How can I use this quiet to open up my heart to new things?

Scrolling through Facebook, my observations are always the same. There seems to be a clear line between those who cry out for justice and those who cannot understand why the response is so swift, full of anger, and violent. One group says- “LISTEN to us!” The other group says- “GO HOME already!”

Fingers out and ready- who shall we blame?

What if we drop our fingers and put our hands in our laps? What if we quiet our mouths and our hearts and listen?

My guess is that if look inward, instead of outward, we will allow the opportunity for those things in us to rise.  Those things that need to be looked at.  The things that have hardened within us.  The only change we have control over.

So, this morning, in the midst of all the shouting, take a moment to listen. Listen not to the outside arguments and the shouting. Listen to what it is that you hear the most loudly in your own life. And when you hear something, just stay with it.

For one moment….

Don’t argue what should change.

Don’t know the change.

Be the change.

Be changed.


From Glennon Melton
From Glennon Melton

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