The Smoking Sock

We avoided a really bad situation recently.   Like, almost burn the house down bad.

Drew and I had put the boys to bed and he noticed a smoky smell in the hallway.  He followed his nose that took him on the smoke trail to Abbey’s room and quickly found the culprit.

This sock.   Burning.   Tucked up in her ceiling fan light.

Immediately my mom brain went to the worse case scenario.    We put her to bed and crawl into our own beds…  Later we smell the smoke and well, just bad bad bad.   I was so thankful that Drew figured it all out so quickly.

This girl and her socks.

She leaves them everywhere.   I mean, everywhere.   I have found her socks in every nook and cranny of this house.    She ditches them the moment she takes them off.   I  found them up on a door hinge  before because she’ll just throw them any which way once they come off of her feet.    And apparently, she threw this one in the light.

So now, when I say “Please don’t leave your dirty socks around the house.   You need to put them in the laundry basket. ”

Maybe, just maybe, she’ll listen.   Mom’s DO know what they are talking about.

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