Our Good Ole Days Were Someone Else’s Nightmare

Drew called over his lunch break, fuming.

I could hear all the outdoorsy sounds in the background and his fast breathing as he walked and talked to me.

“What the *%#$ is wrong with people?” He yelled over the phone.

“If it was a black officer and a white  girl, this wouldn’t even be an issue! Why are people defending him?”

He was in a Facebook spiral and was out on his lunch break, trying to decompress. I am on a Facebook break and I remembered one of the reasons why.

“We’ve got to speak out. I think back to what could have been said in the past and how it could have changed things.”

Injustice was burning a fire under his feet.

It’s in the news. A different story each time. But the issue of race and police relations cannot be ignored. I know I have family and friends in every sector of this conversation and truth be told, I’d rather not get into it with them.

What a privilege. That choice of ignoring it and moving on.

I think what burns me the most are the cliché comments that somehow make people feel like things used to be just fine and dandy.

What is this world coming to?

Remember the good ole days?

What is this world coming to?   Um,  Where are have you been?   

The good ole days?   You must be white.

For the longest time an entire race of people were oppressed and enslaved by another race. They were tortured and treated as property. And then- up until 50 years ago, we still segregated ourselves so much from them that we couldn’t even share a freaking water fountain. And guess what, segregation continues to this present day.

This is damage that cannot be repaired in a matter of years. This isn’t a matter of “not seeing color.” This isn’t a situation that makes people play “the race card.”

This is about white American waking up to the reality of racism.

Our good old days were someone else’s nightmare.

But now we can see it. We can’t ignore it. And it isn’t going away.

C’mon family and friends! Let’s open our eyes and our hearts to the pain and oppression we continue to be a part of, intentional or not. Until we do that, the nightmare continues.

It’s time to stop defending ourselves, it’s time to wake up and listen.


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