Just A Reminder

If you’re a friend of mine on social media, I’m sure you’re sick of seeing my pictures from this weekend.   But the weekend was absolutely great and I just couldn’t help myself.

The weather – perfect!

Roger,Shauna and family in Chicago for a four day visit.

A great mix of seeing Chicago and experiencing Oak Park.

The boys having their friends around to pick up right where they left off- lots of legos and lots of Wii.

Ava- singing away in my kitchen.

Coffee talk with Shauna.

Football for Drew and Roger.

All of this, a boost we really needed!

On Sunday we decided to take the kids to the Lego Store downtown.   We had other sites in mind as well, but this was a biggie for them.  We got off the train and followed tour guide, Drew,  who lead us directly to Water Tower Place where Lego heaven awaited.  We let the kids look and play for a long time, then had them pick what they were there to get and set off in search of a good lunch destination.  Did I mention how bright the fall sky was and how the cool air felt so wonderful?  We gathered on the corner outside of the store and looked for Drew as which direction to head.   He started walking and we began to follow him into the crowd that was crossing the street.

We did not get far.

You know how eye witness reports are not very reliable?   I can understand why.    Most of the time the surprise factor of the incident makes it all a big blur.  Drew ahead of me, kids and Millers behind me, I saw it and heard it all at the same time.   In the middle of the crowd crossing just ahead of us,  we watched a car launch right into all the people.   I heard a terrifying scream.  I saw some legs go flying.  I watch the car burst through the people and plow violently into a bus.  It was so fast and so slow, all at the same time.    I watched Drew run towards the accident, told my kids to get back up on the sidewalk and hit those three important numbers on my phone.

Just like that, everything changed.    One moment we are drinking coffee, looking at the Legos our kids picked out and were dreaming about lunch.   The next minute, pure trauma.

Somehow, there were no major injuries.   The woman who was driving had jumped out of her car as it was crashing and now she was being told to sit down, she was an emotional wreck.   The man who she hit walked away with barely a scratch.  Sirens blaring, people crying, confusion, chaos, people in the crowd began to take charge and begin to sort things out.  The emergency crew arrived and I went to find my people.    We looked at each other and just shook our heads.   What just happened?  That’s how fast everything can change.     Pure craziness.

Sometimes you get reminders that are subtle- good friends, nice weather, fun activities.   And sometimes you get reminders that shake you to your core- accidents that could have easily been us.   But either way we were reminded of how precious life is.

Here.   Right now.

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