Please Talk To Strangers

We had tried last month to get this taken care of. But when we arrived on that January Saturday morning, the line was almost out the door.

We have since learned that getting a passport at our local post office can be an hours long process. Today, we arrived a few minutes before the window opened and were already 6th in line. By the time our turn came- TWO HOURS LATER- Drew had left and brought back breakfast, one kid got sick, another finished half his book, we took a walk to the library and bought some girl scout cookies and at some point lost a kid when he wandered outside.

Two hours later of taking turns standing in line, we were finally done.

But, just before we made it to the front and we realized Josh was still missing I ran outside to get him. He had been hanging out on the front steps of the post office, sitting in the sun and listening to his music. I made it to the door just as he was coming in to check in with us.

C’mon! I yelled and gestured, it’s finally our turn!

He looked at me and said,  I’ll be right back .   He turned around and headed out the door.

I’ll be right back…. His words trailed off as the door slammed shut behind him.

I looked back at Drew and he gave me the eye. I shrugged my shoulders. He said he’d be right back.

And he was.

Moments later,  he found us at the front of the line.

I had to tell this guy that I wasn’t coming back.

I met this homeless man and we’ve hanging out.   We were talking about music and listening to Michael Jackson.    I was thinking, we are just standing in here, complaining about standing in line and he’s out there with no home. Can you imagine?   Oh, and do we have any spare change I can give him?  Maybe some Girl Scout Cookies?

(Where did this kid just come from?)

Let me tell you, life has it’s ups and downs.

This kid has us on our toes all the time. While the other two can go with the flow, we never know what’s going to come next with Josh. Just as my sister reminded me, “It’s a blessing and a curse.”

Just like his Mama, he feels it all and he lets us all know. I can testify to how hard it is to feel it and how hard it is to be around those folks with BIG feelings.

Do you remember that blog post I wrote a few months ago? That one where I asked you to help me figure out what to do? The one where I had spent the day with Josh downtown and every few steps we came upon someone who was in desperate need of help?

Well, shocker, we still haven’t saved the world. We’re gonna have to let that one go.

But, I think I figured out something I can teach my kids.

Talk to strangers.

Don’t fear the unknown.

Look people in the eye.

We don’t have to have answers to life’s hard questions.

Just start with sharing  your music,  your cookies and your spare change.

We had finally finished in that post office and the five of us walked out into the cool sunny day.   We headed down the steps toward the man Josh had been chatting with. Josh handed him some change and asked him if he wanted a few Samoas.

They shared a smile, a thanks, and a small connection.

Baby steps.

3 thoughts on “Please Talk To Strangers

  1. Lisa, that is an awesome story. Josh is taking his own journey? I think it’ll be something to watch! Love Nancy

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