New Things Rising

once in a while,  things change.

other times, everything changes.                11080924_928059927258716_6876706936883601900_n

tonite i’m sitting in my bedroom assembling easter baskets for my kids. as a child, we didn’t do easter baskets and i have rarely done anything like this for my own kids before . we chose to singularly focus on the death and resurrection of jesus. we chose to avoid all the distractions, lest a chocolate bunny here and there. this easter, it’s nothing fancy here. we’re talking felt baskets from target’s dollar bins, peeps and cadbury eggs. but every one is a bit different, a little something special for each kid.

i even grabbed a bag of reese’s miniature cups for the big kid.

we will have a nice lunch with drew’s grandma and family. we will have an easter egg hunt. we will spend time together. we will enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

but, we will bypass the easter dress for abbey and khaki pants for the boys. i won’t attempt my once of year heels and drew won’t ask me what he should wear to church. i’m sure we will drive past the packed parking lots of churches and see the colorful easter hats folks chose to wear. we may feel a little off because we aren’t singing hymns or hearing the easter sermon. i even felt it friday when i didn’t attend the stations of the cross.

more than likely, i’ll be the only one in my family to even think about these things. the rest of them will carry on as usual and enjoy the long weekend.

drew and i were just talking about how much we’ve both changed over the past 17 years. i guess losing our religion would be one of the biggest losses. but somehow, we managed to do it together.

don’t worry friends and family. if God is out there, i’m sure he’s got us in the palm of his hand.

thing is, this feels right. and when i say it feels right, what i mean is this- we are being honest. we are being true to who we really are. we’ve heard all we need to hear and this is where we’ve come out at this point. faith isn’t an argument or an obligation. it’s simply woven into our life in different ways.

i will never say that this is the end of whatever this road is for us. i have learned that anything can be waiting around the corner. i like to think this is all just on the path and what we have learned and lost has all been an important and life giving part of the process.

isn’t life amazing?

it’s this continual process of gathering things in and then learning to let go. it’s the process of loving and being loved. it can be deeply painful and crazy joyful. it’s the opening up to what other people have shown us.

happy easter to all of our family and friends. we too will celebrate this life we live and this continual opportunity to forgive and be forgiven. we see light and hope in each one of you. i still see God, but in all new places.

if anything has stayed the same, it is this.   there is plenty of Love to go around for one and all.  the “us and them’s” of life are fading away.

new and beautiful things are rising in us all.

yes, indeed.IMG_3871


One thought on “New Things Rising

  1. I really appreciate, as always, your ability to hold the “both/and,” Lisa. You are honest, but not cynical… You are open. I love this line, “I still see God. But in all new places.”


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