A City Girl in a Country World, no more.

As soon as we shared with everyone that we were moving, you asked about the title of my blog. It’s been on my mind again lately, as well as a longing for some change. The words are returning, but this place doesn’t seem quite like home anymore.

So, I’m renovating.

I will have a new name and a new look. I will focus on my story and the stories of people around me. My family, my friends, my neighborhood, my city and anyone else that I may encounter on the path. I will also share stories that have been meaningful to me and I think you may enjoy too. So there may be some posts that contain podcasts or links only. Whether or not you want to read, that’s up to you. I’m just here to keep the stories coming.

I will continue to be as honest as I can, while respecting that my story is also full of other people’s stories and they are not all mine to tell. I’ve written much more this year that I’ve chosen to shelf and hope to share another time. Or- stories that my family asked me to keep as ours only. As my kids grow, I find I have to walk a thin line when it comes to sharing about them. For my writing, their stories are amazing. They inspire me, they teach me, they humble me and they simply exhaust me. I don’t love every moment, but I really love them.

I’m changing and so are you. This life is always changing and we can let it transform us or paralyze us. Both continue to happen to me.

If I could share anything that I have loved the very most from this blog, it’s hearing from you. When you write me, publicly or in private, you make my day. I hold each one of your stories as precious gifts and then allow them to become part of me. So, please know that I absolutely love hearing from you. I will never share anything without your permission, please know that. If you just need a friend or a listening ear, I am happy to be just that.

My new name comes from two loves. I love stories and I love the sky. I feel most connected to God standing under a sky full of stars.  I love how each star is beautiful in itself and even more amazing when the sky is full of them.   I love how we all live, work, and breathe under the same sky, no matter who or where we are.

I’m excited about this. I see good things coming.

My deepest hope is that by telling stories we can move away from fear and towards each other.   Telling stories is the way I choose to be part of healing myself and the world. 

Thanks for continuing to encourage and support me as I write to figure out life.

Welcome to A Sky Full of Stories.image1 copy.jpg


4 thoughts on “A City Girl in a Country World, no more.

  1. Sounds like a good plan. You know how I live by stories!

    I don’t think I told you about Hamilton! and the dentist.




    1. Annette- thank you! Your words have stuck with me ever since I received them Stories over ideas- YES. Thank you for sharing that with me!


      1. Absolutely, Lisa! Can’t wait to read the story you just wrote about your daughter’s friend. Just re-read your story about Celie, and it reminded me of how much I love and miss her, so I sent her an email to check in and say I was thinking of her. Thanks for that reminder!


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