The Time When That Man Took My Phone


So, yesterday.

I was getting my Costco shopping done and checking out when I realized I had forgotten one of the things I originally came for.  (Let’s be honest, my cart was 50% things I did not come for.)  I finished checking out and went to my car to load the groceries before running  back in for the vitamins I forgot.

Finishing up at the back of my van, I reached for my cell phone and realized it wasn’t in my pocket.   I checked my purse, no phone.  Hmmmmm.

I’ll just go get the vitamins and see if I left it in there.

I get my vitamins, don’t see my phone anywhere and go back to the car for one last long look through all the food I bought.   Still, no phone.

Officially missing.

As I head in to the service desk, I stop and ask the kid gathering carts if he saw it, nope.

The woman at the service desk says no one turned it in and she walks me to another desk to check there.

Nope, no phone.

On my way back out I stop in at the cashier who checked me out to see if he saw it.   Nothing there, he said.   But, the customer who he was checking out asked if I wanted to use his phone to call mine and just see if it would ring.   And honestly, my first inclination was no, mostly because I could see myself calling and the ring coming from inside my purse- embarrassing.   Cause I’ve “lost” lots of things in my purse.

Nice guy, so I use his phone to call mine.  I let it ring several times and hear nothing.  This isn’t going well.    The customer service employee lets me use the store phone and I leave a message with Drew to try the Find My Phone service.   I hang up and realize Drew can’t get a hold of me to let me know, but oh well.   It just seems, gone.

One more look through my car and all of a sudden the helpful Nice Guy appears next to the van.

Nice Guy : “The person who has your phone just called me!   He said he’d bring it back.”

Me: “Huh?  Wait, he called your phone to tell you he had my phone?  Like he saw my phone ringing and used that number to call you?”

Nice Guy:  “Yep, and he said he’d meet you at the service desk in about ten minutes.”

Me: “Oooooookay.  So I guess it was good we called.”

So now we know someone else has it.   Where did they find it?  I had been at Costco the whole time.   And guy who had it called the Nice Guy on his phone to see why he called.  Then when the Nice Guy said we were looking for that phone, he told him he had it.   This is really weird.   But I’m relieved we found it.

I head inside to wait.




I’m feeling ridiculous at this point.   This dude is never coming.  Why did I fall for this?  But WHY DID HE RETURN THE CALL?

I’m chatting with the employees and we’re all a bit confused.  I think, I’ll wait a bit longer and just hope.

And wouldn’t you know it.    The guy shows up.

He gets out of the car in front of the entrance, walks up to me and hands me my phone.  I wasn’t sure what to say other than “Thanks!”  and “Where did you find it?”

He tells  me he found it on the ground,  right outside the entrance to Costco.  Like,  not even in the parking lot.  Like, at the store.    And,  he picked it up and took it home.

I’m confused.  But glad.  And I think, I have my phone and that’s what matters.

He walks away and that’s that.

What just happened?

I head to the van and call Drew who I can already see has locked the phone and put a message on it for someone to call us.  When Drew answers he tells me how he did talk to the man who had my phone and then tracked my phone as it came back to Costco -on his own screen.


This is really weird right?

I drove away feeling like I missed something.   Or that I had been in the Twilight Zone.   None of this made sense.   And, it still doesn’t.

What do you think?  WHAT was that about?






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