Spring In Oak Park


Our  new  house is old and the space that once was the dark attic is now converted into our bedrooms.   It’s warm and stuffy upstairs today.

We don’t linger up there.

The light shoots out through the window shade and points directly down the wooden planks of the hallway.   Evening here has come.

Sitting on the porch, the wind chimes ring loudly as the air provides the energy for a constant clanging song.

Just yesterday after school, as Abbey and I sat out here, we promise- we heard them play us the Happy Birthday song.

Soccer Saturday and yard work. A plot full of way too many day lilies that must be dug out and dirty hands that won’t come clean with just one wash.

The kid’s new friends run through the beautiful green grass of our small backyard.

There is something about that bright sunlight that brings hope, yet,  real life keeps rearing its ugly head.

This feels like the season of transparency.

Adolescence is a boat we are all on right now. Some of us have to remind each other that we don’t have to ride the waves if we don’t want to. I tend to jump aboard as soon as the emotions start lifting us all and flowing.

That winter weight clings.

These deep feelings are evident for all to see and hear- the neighbors open their windows for the fresh warm air and they are gifted with the clear and  evident angst of our 12 year old.    And,  the frustration of his parents.     We don’t hold back.    We regret that.

Spring holds promises, but it also requires a lot of digging and that dark dirt that seeps into the cracks of our skin, and stains.

The sweet smells and the stench swirl together and blow out into the world.

Onward we go; ready or not.



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