Two Sides of the Same Coin

Thinking about things this morning after my kids went off to school.

Abbey leaves wearing her tie dyed shirt in support of her LGBTQ friends.

In middle school I was going to things like Meet You At the Pole and having Bible studies with my friends. My kid is wearing shirts in solidarity with a community that I would have been praying for under the flag.

As I drove past the other middle schoolers wearing their shirts I couldn’t help but think about how differently  my kids are growing up in our household versus my experience at a conservative Christian school. No matter how much I KNOW it’s ok, I can’t help but wonder if I am doing this right. How did I end up at such a different place than I was brought up? Am I hurting my children? Am I truly walking away from everything I was taught to be true?

Now I am home and the thoughts continue to swirl.     And I think, no.

This is not so different from how I was raised. This is two sides of the same coin.

I was taught to love.

I was taught to stand up for injustice.

I was taught to think for myself.

I was taught to see everyone as equal.

I did it differently at age 13, but I wasn’t so different.    Those truths have impacted me deeply and I now live into them in my own way.  

In the end this thought gives me deep peace-

Trust Love.



One thought on “Two Sides of the Same Coin

  1. How beautiful Lisa. We are doing it differently but with the same spirit and integrity. Love you and your great children and your hairy husband!


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