Good Behavior is So Overrated

I’m still unpacking from that awesome vacation you saw us go on.   I just can’t help myself, I gotta post those fun pictures.

Facebook showed you the highlights of the time in North Carolina we just spent with our friends. We couldn’t wait to be with them after months of life apart. And not surprisingly, the experience did not disappoint. We were reminded each day of how blessed we are to have the opportunity to explore a new place and be with those who love us unconditionally.

But as  mom, the hard stuff still lingers  over it all.    Every moment did not fall into place as I had perfected in my plans.

This evening, as I perused the most recent popular blog posts, I saw this title-

Dear Parents of Well Behaved Children…

And then I melted into a puddle of tears.

Our time away was wonderful, but we found ourselves up against the same struggles and behaviors each vacation and life adventure has brought us.           So, where do I begin?

I’ll start here-

Arguing with the rafting guide about whether he is giving the most efficient directions.

Falling apart mid hike because there was NO way the those legs could keep moving.

Bickering with his peers because they weren’t playing the game according to the rules.

Talking too loud.

Moving too much.

Disagreeing on just about everything.

As the mom, I find myself absolutely cringing as I watch those moments and those things that make the  people around them end up looking down and fiddling with their hands.

Tonite, I didn’t get to read that post that I referred to. But I KNEW what they were talking about.

And all of you who read my blog posts know where I’m going with that, so I don’t need to go on and on.

But in a nutshell, this is how the Mullen life is.

We’ve got kids who comply and kids who react.

We’ve got kids who follow the rules and kids who question them.

There are little ones in this household who see the good side of every circumstance and little ones who only see the injustice.

There are children who do things to make the adults happy and others who simply don’t care.

Living with these kids.   LOVING these kids.   I’ve started to realize something new and something I needed to understand.   “Behaving” has become the most subjective word I know.   Good behavior might  make things smooth, but it usually isn’t what I think it’s supposed  to look like.

It’s time for me to let all my “I’ve got all the answers on everything” idea go.   It’s time for me to realize that the need for good behavior is usually MY need.  (OUCH, that hurts.)  


 To Everyone, Everywhere-   (Ahem,  pay attention,  ME)


I’m going to love them for all they bring to this crazy world we live in.   When I look back on my younger years,  I’m SOOOOO glad people have done the same for me.  The people who loved me for who I am and let me work out all those things that didn’t make sense- they meant so much to me.

And what I’m really hoping you will remember…..   When you are hiking up that gorgeous mountain and you see me and my child having our own temper tantrums.   When you see our tears and hear the frustrations- I promise, it’s ok.

We’re getting to that mountain top together,  damn it.

“Well” behaved or not.





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