Goodbye, Summer.

Goodbye, summer.

The breeze is cool tonight as it moves across our front porch. The flowers that have survived the summer heat sway with the wind. The ones that didn’t make it are simply different shades of brown, stiff and straight. And then there are a few on the verge of survival, revived from the recent rains.

I haven’t been out here much. There are many reasons, but mostly, just too damn hot.

Our first full summer in Oak Park. It was a good one.  A hard one, but a good one.

The highlights are mostly the times with old  friends. Visits from Lancaster peeps and the trips to see them. Quick weekend jaunts to Detroit to watch Tommy learn how to walk. Celebrating 9 and 14 with family and with friends. A European adventure and a fun trip to Asheville, NC that included surprise encounters with bears.

The low moments include ridiculous hours of running in the humidity and the heat.

Run, walk.

Run, walk.

Walk, walk.

walk walk walk walk walk walk walk

Training for the Chicago Marathon creeps to an all time low tonight when I could barely stomp out three miles.   All those long runs don’t seem to count.

THAT’S IT!   26.2 deferred.

Maybe 2017 is my year?

All those hours of prepping and planting my garden ended in a divine and never ending meal for the neighborhood squirrels.

They ate EVERYTHING that wasn’t underground.

Failure sinks deep into my bones.

But then, I look around and see what IS working.

My teenager who spent her summer growing limbs that cover one side of the full size bed to the other.

My mostly grumpy twelve year old who put his arms around my neck tonite, giving me all the love and encouraging words he had when I sank into my chair.  I was  sweating profusely while despairing over my failed run.

My fourth grader who thinks we are all rock stars, no matter what.

Goodbye, summer.

Our backs turn to the hot sun and our arms open wide to the cool breezes that the new season brings.

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