Taking A Long Look

There have been many movies, but there is one scene.

One scene that I will never forget.

I was in our basement in Lancaster, on Coach Light Lane, running on the treadmill and getting miles in for a race I was training for.

I was forever looking for something captivating to watch that would pass the time.   It didn’t matter what, I was up for the latest movie or the newest TV series that everyone was talking about.  I had heard that 12 Years a Slave was really good.   I figured this would be a great time to watch it.

I put on my gear, set up the tv and got to running.   Same as always.

And then, this happened.

The longest, hardest movie scene I have ever seen.

I watched it for a minute.  That was already too long.   Then it became extremely uncomfortable.  I started to wonder if it would ever end.    What are they doing?     This is horrible.  What’s wrong with these people?  Movies shouldn’t show us this.



(But not really.   I just was done watching.   This wasn’t ok for anyone to watch anymore.)


One long look.   That’s what it was asking me to do.

As I watch and hear the news these day- news that comes from our second to second access  to media, I know it all feels like too much.   Too confusing and too infuriating.   Too heartbreaking and too much for us to take on.

We all see it through our own life experience and it our own way of thinking.

As I see these desperate scenes- desperate people and desperate situations, I remember my last truly long look.   It was a movie I watched in the basement of my home.   But the Long Look with stay with me forever.    That time I was forced to stay in that moment, with that person.   That time I wanted to push pause, but I knew that was my own privilege.

I’m just saying this.    Take long looks.

When you think you have the answer and or you want to look away.

Just stay.

These stories may not be ours.  But they are stories that are shaping our country and world today.














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