Too Much At Stake

A year and a half ago, we crossed a line.

We moved from rolling hills, farms, open roads, and quiet streets.

We came to the flat midwest, high-rise buildings, homes packed tight and sirens as background noise.

We also went from one political extreme to another.

Firm conservative ground into a much more liberal space.

Really, it could be anywhere to anywhere. There are countless cities and places that look like the ones we live and have lived in.

This was a choice we made with clarity. We knew the change we were in for. It was what we wanted for our family. I know this was a privilege and one we were lucky we could make. It’s one we continue to feel good about, though we miss the friends and family we left behind.

Here’s the thing-

I have NEVER seen a Trump/Pence sign in the city of Chicago or in our village of Oak Park. So when I vowed to go door to door if Trump was truly this close to being our president (to plead with people to reconsider) there is no need. For the most part, I’d be preaching to the choir.

But as I look over my social media connections, I see the divide. From my Christian friends, it’s the desire for people like me to quiet themselves and keep our political opinions to ourself. Likely losing one friend after the next…

I’ll be honest, it’s way beyond political. It’s about conviction and concern for humanity. It’s about clinging to the hope that I can find a shred of commonality with the Christian community I once found a home. It’s a deep love for those around me whose lives WILL be deeply impacted by the choice we make in November.

So I won’t be going door to door, but I won’t be silent.

There is too much at stake.

2 thoughts on “Too Much At Stake

  1. Hey, Friend. I totally am with you on your concern for humanity if a certain D.T. would be elected president. There are too many concerns to even list here. I can’t tell you how hard it has been for me to live on a street where two Trump signs are displayed proudly in the front yards of my neighbors. And then to see more of those signs as I drive around Berks and Lancaster counties. They continue to take me off guard as I just don’t want to believe that anyone would support him outright, even if they feel they must vote for a Republican. I want you to know, my friend, I am taking to the streets with a good friend from my church. We volunteered with voter registration a week ago and hope to canvas as we can over the next two weekends. Please keep me in thoughts and prayers. I’m a little nervous!


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