Mountain Air


Chapped lips and short of breath, I found myself working harder to get up the stairs. But when I made it, I smiled at the sight.

A simple attic room,  cozy and inviting. There were two twin beds waiting for us. Clean sheets, soft mattresses and a pile of fluffy pillows. We had found our space for tonite.

When we arrived earlier, we had fun exploring the cabin. A beautiful space with several bedrooms. Two with big beds on the first floor.  One big open space with the twin beds in the loft upstairs. For a moment, these two mom’s of teenagers reverted back to the days when we had sleepover after sleepover. Just cousins thrown together for weekends of playing outside and memories galore. We chose the loft so that we could lay in the beds and talk in the dark as we drifted into sleep.

We are in the mountains for three days. Our time to hike, explore the lake, eat what we want, drink and be merry, read, do puzzles, and most importantly- talk talk talk.

This summer I decided I needed to take my turn and come out to visit my cousin Kristin at her Colorado home. She’s been to PA and Chicago. I visited her in Tulsa but hadn’t made the trek to CO.

Not even thinking about the election and when this visit would fall, I looked at the calendar and picked this weekend.    Wow.   What perfect timing.

Her friends so generously offered us their mountain cabin for the weekend and we spent the afternoon getting here. Our ears popped as we took the long winding road over the mountains.  We arrived to find that the groceries we bought were all puffed tight with air.   The altitude changes my quickness of breath and increases my effort to get up the stairs.   But for now, that only keeps me more present.

One step up and then another.

It’s new scenery.  The smell of the fires outside burning, the  cool and crisp fall air,  the beautiful water and the  snow covered mountains.

It’s a place to breathe slowly and deeply.

In our time together we jump between childhood memories and the struggles of adulthood. We are comfortable in both places. All of it, it’s who we are.   And for this moment in time, we are at peace.

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