This is how we do it…   A day in the life.  

Morning over Grand Lake, CO

Prehike reflections

Us and the mountains in a camera whiteout.

Heading into the Rocky Mountain National Park

Lakeside trail

It’s a woodpecker up there y’all. Kristin wonders if they get headaches. We get one watching it.

They say the picture looks good if you’re facing the sun. Fail.

When in Colorado, do the nativity as the natives do.

We send this picture to Drew. His responds, Fo Shizzle.

Our weekend space. This is where we eat, drink, cook, play games, and puzzle our hearts out.

The best reading spot in the West.

Evening shot of our cabin. One last adventure out before we put the pajamas on so we can completely settle in for the night.

Evening tour of the Aspen grove.

This is how she puzzles. I’ll keep her.

And then, we head up to the loft to lay on our beds and talk  until our eyes cannot stay open any longer.  

We achieved Saturday Perfection.