Peace On Earth

img_6802Drew’s out of town for work this week so I’ve got a 9-year-old boy snuggled up next to me in our bed for the night.

I guess it’s because he’s the baby, or maybe because he’s so free with his love for us, or it could be the fact that he told me I’m the “most valuable” thing in his life- but I’m so happy it’s him next to me.

He’s struggled with speech issues for a while but we noticed this year that he has become more and more quiet at school. One of his biggest hurdles is getting better at fluency. It’s all up in his head, but getting it out can be tough. Today I talked to the school speech pathologist who has been meeting with him. She gushed at how sweet he was. Of course, I loved that.

He is off on his own a lot. He will bring a book to recess. He loves his friends but conversations can be tougher for him. The words don’t come fast enough and sometimes it’s easier not to try. But he’s trying. He’s got lots of support.  He has a teacher who pushes him and cheers him on.

I look over at his light brown hair sticking out from under the covers where he has img_6775burrowed his way into the most comfortable place under the mass of pillow and blankets. Tonight  all I can think is, what an undeserved gift to have a safe and warm place for my child to sleep.

The news coming out of Syria is absolutely devastating. We can’t hide from it anymore with social media being a place where people are literally saying goodbye in their last moments on earth. War is ruthless and relentless. When I heard of the children hiding in buildings, I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it.

My son, safe and warm.

Children all around the world, hungry, cold, and under siege.

img_6961The cute Peace On Earth design on our Christmas card just seems ridiculous. Disingenuous.   Though in my heart it’s what I long for, it just doesn’t seem right on a colorful  card with my smiling family.

I opened the mailbox today to find a package from my sweet friend Shauna. There was a card full of encouragement and love, also a soft t-shirt that had the words, Focus on the Good, printed on the front.

I think that’s what I ‘ll do right now. It’s not a way of pretending away the horror of war or the anxiety of all that’s going on in our country. It’s a way of reminding myself of the verse Drew read on the day we dedicated  our baby, this now 9-year-old, at our church in Lancaster. At that point Drew was already unsure about faith, God and church- but he wrote a touching Top Ten List for Will on his dedication day. (Of course he did.)

That Sunday Drew ended with this verse for Will, in the hopes that it would be a light for him as he navigated his way through life. It IS a light  and it reminds me to cling , to focus on the good.

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.    Romans 12:21         

We are not to ignore the evil, but to overcome it.

Let’s overcome this world with goodness of all kinds. Tonight I will fall asleep next to one of the brightest little people I know.  The memory of his sleepy smile, as I slip into dreamland, reminds me of all that is good.


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