One Art

I tried to write about our visit to Lancaster and seeing all the lovey people we left when we moved to Chicago.

Right now, it’s too hard to write or think about.

So, I’ll say this.

While we feel right at home in Oak Park and know that it is the place we want to raise our kids, we miss our friends and family in PA. There is just no way fill that void.

The end.

Thank goodness for poetry.

The genre that I had detested so much of my life has now come, midlife, to save me again and again. This particular poem was gifted through listening to the podcast,
Hidden Brain. one-art-bishopI thought I had more words for this post tonite, but no.   I must get back to packing for our trip through PA, OH, IN and IL tomorrow.

I’ll think about those cities I’ve lost and those I’ve only begun to explore.

I’ll remind myself that practicing losing things is a practice I will need to exercise throughout my entire life.

It’s no disaster.









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