Celebrating Year 70

The sun was still up and warming my back as I washed and placed each shell out to dry. The gang here was exhausted from the sand, salt water, waves, sun and a big lunch. Some were sleeping, some were reading, some were just hiding away to rest up.

I was cleaning my shells, one by one.

The sheets on my bed here are the softest I’ve ever slept on. When I crawl in for a nap or the night, I find myself looking forward to that moment where my head sinks into the pillow and I draw the clean, light, soft sheet over my sun-kissed  skin. I’m still warm from the sun and the air conditioner blasts cold air around me. Somehow the mix of it all feels like perfection.

I lay on my back and count the days we have left here. I’m trying so hard not to live in that space, but I keep finding myself already in the “don’t want vacation to end” dread.

My family all showed up to this Florida rental home for a week together to rest and play. We didn’t plan that it would be Donald Trump’s inauguration week, but somehow it seems fit that we are all together and in a place that keeps each other warm and afloat during such a tense and heavy time. For us. We’re sad. We’re feeling heavy. We know this calls to each of us down deep to speak, stand, and do whatever for justice.

Right now, we’re falling into the safety and warmth of each other.  

This week we will celebrate the 7th decade of one of the best men we know. He’s been on this planet close to the same amount of time our President elect has, but we love him- OH SO MUCH MORE. Because, duh, he’s our dad.

That’s only one of the many reasons. 

He has taught us all we know by leading us there himself. It isn’t his words that have changed us, it’s who he is and how he loves. When you have a dad that has shut down a crack house with the neighbors, and travels to DC by himself  to protest the war,  you know he’s serious about this being the feet of Love in the world. He’s preaching and teaching and marching. His faith means everything to him.  He’s  bringing all that home to his family and  He’s taken us on the journey of a lifetime.

So, I’m gonna celebrate THIS  man on Friday. We know that it’s those like him, on the ground doing the work of Love, that are truly changing the world. Here’s to 70 years of Marc Averill.

Here’s to resting and relaxing and spending this week together. Here’s to doing things the Averill way.

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