Just A Little Story

The two of us walked out of the movie theater last night with very few words.   I think, That was intense was what one of us was able to get out.

Abbey was at a party and we had the evening with our boys.   We had really been wanting to see Manchester By The Sea.   Lucky for us, The Batman Lego Movie was showing right around the same time.   We arrived, Drew got us seats and I waited for the boys to get into their theater and find a good spot to sit.   Once I had them settled, popcorn in their laps, I got a text from Drew that our movie was starting.

I headed over and then  stood in the back of the dark theater, hoping to recognize the back of Drew’s head.       I finally found him and parked myself comfortably on the aisle seat he had saved for me.

Candy in one hand and a drink in the other, I faded out of my life and into the movie.

Have you seen Manchester By The Sea?   Let’s just say it isn’t a picker upper.   I will tell you the one thing that I heard before I saw it- it’s devastatingly sad.    Real life sad.   Deep down sad.   I’m sure you are aching to go now.  (Side note to my sister, don’t see it.)

But we wanted to see it and we really liked it.   It was real, it was raw and it was unsettling.    It was about family, relationships, suffering and loss.   And then it kept on going to show what life after all of that looks like.

When the credits rolled, I bounced up to get out of the theater as quickly as we could.   The boys movie had ended earlier and we had planned to meet up at the frozen yogurt place next door.  I don’t worry that something bad will happen to them, but I do worry that things won’t go as planned.   Or they’ll get in trouble.   Or start fighting with each other and other parents will be thinking- WHERE ARE THESE KID’S PARENTS?   (True story- Drew went for a run and came home to see that the police were at our house.    What happened?   he asked the kids.  I was trying to call you Dad, but I accidentally called 911.    Ahem, right. )      Back to tonite…

The two of us  walked together to the exit, somber.  That’s when we managed the itwasreallyintense line.   Because, it was.

There are so many intense things in life these days.   So many for you, so many for us, for our country, for our world.   Just intense.   You know me, I get so caught up in it all that I can just end up curled in a ball, paralyzed in the corner.   So I’m trying to keep pace with the intense stuff by appreciating the good stuff.    Here’s how that happened last night.

Out the door  and into the cool evening we walked.   Our minds racing and our hearts heavy.   We passed the people out for evening walks and the homeless woman asking for money.  We were in automatic pilot to get the boys.

We walked up to the yogurt shop, and there they were.    Not to be missed, they were sitting in the front, staring out the massive glass window.   Their legs were swinging and they were chatting away.   They were digging into their candy heavy frozen yogurt and smiling such big smiles.   Drew and I looked at each other, grateful.   Then, of course, we took a picture.

This is just a little story to tell you how I’m entering the hard things and finding the good.   This was just something to share because I’m so grateful for swinging legs and big smiles.   I’ll keep finding these moments and do the best I can to appreciate each one.

Small moments, small stories.   They’re the best.


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