A Froggy Funeral

Here’s some really tiny non epic news:

Today I cried at a frog’s funeral.

Trust me, I never thought I’d say that either.   But my kid’s frog died and it broke his heart.      This afternoon the two of us stood in the dirt on the side of the house and shed a lot of tears as we dug a tiny hole for his tiny friend.    After we placed Chewie in the hole, I asked if I should go get the rest of the family and he said no.  The two of us were enough.     He sang a song he had written and I blubbered like a mom at her kid’s frog’s funeral.   There were some seriously swollen eyes around here this weekend.  (Really because he touched the frog and then touched his eyes and that’s a no-no.   But also, the crying.)

After the funeral we walked to the shed together to put away the shovels and he talked about all the wonderful memories he had with the frog.   That time he played with him in the snowball maker and the time he put him on a bottle and gave him a “bottle rocket” ride.   I stifled all my comments  about how maybe that was why his amphibian friend didn’t last long and instead we just reminisced together.

Those were a special two months.   Truly, they were for him.

So it all seems so small and so insignificant in this chaotic, big, overwhelming, and busy world.  It is.  But when my big kid has a broken heart because the tiny soul (Who knows? A soul?  Maybe!) he loved left his little froggy body- I remember that the little things are the big things.

A little very big thing happened here this weekend.   Sometimes those are the things that matter the most and would never make an appearance on a news site anywhere.

But today,  Chewie’s funeral makes an appearance on my blog.

That little tree frog meant the world to my Josh.

RIP, little buddy.   I hope your adventure here with us was a good one.

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