My Eagles Fans

Early December, dreaming of a Eagles Super Bowl

I’ll be rooting for the Eagles on Super Bowl Sunday. Living near Philly for 17 years and being married to and the mother of some big time Eagles fans leaves me no other choice. They’re happy, I’m happy.  I also love all my friends who are die-hard Eagles fans, some fine, fine people.  And just like so many other fan bases, I know this means a whole lot— an understatement.

But as I read the articles about people’s experiences with Philly fans, I cringe. I want to deny it all and say I know better.   But the truth is, I’ve been there.

We now refer to it as blizzard bowl. A few years ago my brother, a friend, Drew and I went to the Eagles v Lions game at Lincoln Financial Field. We knew it was going to snow and it had already started coming down hard as we arrived.   But we were prepared-I had so many layers of snow clothes I could barely move. The guys were all decked out in their Eagles gear and even though I had been warned, I decided to wear my Lions hat.   It’s just a hat, right?   Nothing too blatant.

Well, when I tell you that I only had one leg out the door of our car before I heard an Eagles fan yell “A$%@#!” at me, I am NOT exaggerating.  And no, it wasn’t Drew.   Though I did an earful from him too.  Let’s just say, he’s quite a spirited fan.

I was so thankful I was wearing a hooded jacket that day.   I wanted to have fun and I knew that wearing Lions gear was just asking for it. I pulled that hood up over my knit hat and there it stayed, the whole time.

The snow pummeled us that day.   Really and truly, it was epic.  But, I have to say, I don’t know if the other Lions fans were having much fun when they had snowballs thrown into their trays of food as they walked through the crowd.   I cringed, was my hood still up tight enough? I just remember thinking  that I could never bring my kids to a game, even if they were wearing Eagles gear.    It was,  intense.

Now before you tell me that I would say that about ANY football game I will just let you know that a few Thanksgivings ago we took our Eagle proud kids to a Lions game and other than one comment, we had really no issues at all.   But for full disclosure, I can  also say that I’ve attended another Lions game where the Lions fans were just fighting each other.   And thaaaaaaat’s just Detroit for you.   (I love you, Detroit.)

I can’t wait to watch the game with my kids and Drew on Superbowl Sunday.  It’s going to be fun, no matter what. But when you hear the reports about the Eagles fans, I can only speak for mine.

They are pretty cool people and usually behave.    Well, except for that one…fullsizeoutput_4af8






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