November 1st.

I’m gonna post every day in November.

It’s Friday night and I’m in a hotel room in the middle of Western Michigan and I couldn’t be more happy. We’ve got leftover kid’s Halloween candy, a box of wine and Trader Joe’s snacks galore. I don’t have to worry about where kids are at (ha, still am) or any of the details of the other four Mullens weekend (please, I still do).

My sister will arrive within the hour and I’m sitting here, belly full, relaxed with wine, and laptop in hand. For this moment in time, life is calm and all is good.

This month-

I’ll write short and I’ll write long.
I’ll write deep and I’ll write basic.
I may edit and I may not.
I may upset you and I may just worry that I’ve upset you.
I’ll try to be honest, not matter the topic.

I’ll write and I’ll write and I’ll write.

Happy November, friends!

May the Chicago snow melt and let this Fall hang on a just little longer.


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