Life Circles Back Around

3am and I’m wide awake on the bed in my parent’s basement guest room.

This isn’t the house I grew up in.  But somehow my parent’s house always feels like home, wherever that may be. Since leaving Pennsylvania they have returned home to Redford, Michigan – the township where they grew up as next door neighbors.

Life circles back around.

I’ve had fun posting the pictures from my solo weekend getaway to Detroit. Mexican food with Dad and Mike. Dad’s 73rd birthday celebration including an epic dance party with the kids. Late night Canasta along with unlimited snacks, coffee and wine. There were new puzzles from Christmas and hide and go seek with the kids. Chinese food with Amy and plenty is sister bonding.

For all of this I’m grateful.

But what doesn’t make the social media feed are the moments that are quiet, vulnerable and now precious to me. The things I don’t feel I’m good at, but these moments that I now will hold close.

Helping mom change her bandages after surgery. That x marking the spot where they removed the cancer. Assisting her in getting dressed. Carrying the things that are too heavy for her to carry. Washing the dishes so she can rest. Shoveling the snow with dad and bumbling around with his snowblower. Sitting with steaming coffee cups, talking about the future. Talking about radiation and pathology reports. Sharing in the fun things and also the hard things we must talk about.

Life circles back around.

All the things my mom did so tenderly for me for many years, and now more and more opportunities to love her back in the same way. To love both of them back in any way I can.

When my teenagers are mad at me, I remember the days of angst and all I unloaded on my parents. Their steady and persistent love, ploughing through those rocky life moments. Mistakes are made, lessons learned, and our life muscles just keep getting stronger. The example they continue to give me is one of deep love through the good and the bad.

There is so much hope here. The cancer is treatable. The health care is excellent. My parent ’s house is still home, wherever that may be. The laughter carries us all through the card playing and the bandage changing.

At the end of the weekend the train takes me back home to my children, by my heart still lingers in all the places I’m from. I know it won’t be long until I can return.

Life is always circling back around.L3gz+R0RSa6BIXd6WLD6Ig

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