Quarantine Life

The Mullen quarantine started out so strong. Feeling resilient, we transformed our disappointment into reimagined dreams. We baked bread and crafted homemade pasta. We had family wrestling matches and built a blanket fort in the living room so expansive it had a bedroom for everyone. The kids set up special places in the house to conduct their remote learning experiences and held study meetings with their friends and teachers to learn new concepts and prepare for AP tests. We were determined to keep schedules and plan things to look forward to which mainly consisted of family dinners, game nights and movie after movie after movie. We made sure to get in our daily runs and started new strength training commitments with our kids as well as friends using Zoom and FaceTime. We talked about how hard it was to let things go but accepted it as necessary. We marched onward.
But a few weeks into quarantine Drew and I found ourselves dressed and ready for our daily run but with no energy or motivation to walk out the door. We sat on the couch to think a little longer about our runs and before we knew it were were watching a movie and eating snacks. We call moments like this, real life.
One month later we wake to the news that the kids will not return to school and all spring activities are officially canceled. For the high schoolers in our house and their friends, this includes prom, graduation, and all the long awaited end of the year competitions and celebrations. Grief begins to slowly settle over the house. Getting up for a regular schedule is harder and the nights are restless and long. School work requires daily pep talks and runs keep getting shorter and shorter.
Life these days is a rollercoaster for all. We pledge to be kind to ourselves and let grace rule the home. We have days when the couch wins and other days when our runs feel amazing and we look ahead to racing again. Uncertainty rules the future but we are grateful for the moments of laughter and creativity. We miss our family and friends and all of the dear people from OPRC. Until we resume life together again, we will keep making forts and creating new routines and find gratitude in all the small moments of beauty! And if you find yourself crawling back into bed with your running clothes on, don’t feel bad, we’ve all been there. Tomorrow is a new day.

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