This is me. The good, the bad, the everything list.

1. Almost 40, born in Detroit, Michigan.

2. Lived in Michigan, Mississippi and Pennsylvania.

3. Nowhere really feels like home.

4. Oldest child. younger brother Mike and lil sis, Amy.

5. Married for 15 years to Drew.  We eloped and yes, it makes a good story.

6. Mom to 3 kids.  Abbey 10, Josh 9 and Will 6

7. Live in Lancaster County, PA.  Never would have guessed that one.

8. Country living is much smellier than city living.  Also much quieter.

9. Number one on my bucket list, see the Northern Lights one more time.

10. Used to be sure about everything.  Not sure about anything, anymore.   Learning to accept the Mystery- or Grand Silence.

11.  I lose everything.  I mean, everything.  Diagnosed as an adult with ADD.

12.  Introvert.

13.  Avid reader

14.  Could live off of coffee, Fresca and wine.   Not sure this is a good thing.

15. Made for community.  Especially one that will let me be an introvert in a crowd.

16. I try to be really honest.   I hope that gives you the freedom to be honest too.

17.  Jobs I’ve had (or places I have worked) since I started working at 15- Lifeguard, water safety instructor,  Baskin Robbins, Victoria’s Secret, paint sniffer in a test lab, Invoice organizer at Averill Accounting,  barista at CUPS (probably my favorite job!)   babysitter,  IU 13 para educator, administrative assistant, camp lifeguard, preschool teacher….

18.  Love being late thirties/ close to 40.  Wouldn’t go back for anything.  You have to get through a lot of junk to walk in more freedom.

3 thoughts on “This is me. The good, the bad, the everything list.”

  1. Just discovered your blog from Momastery! Love it! I am also from Michigan, south of Detroit, living in Kalamazoo now. Thanks for sharing:)


    • Thanks for reading! So good to have you here! My heart belongs to Michigan. Can’t wait for our summer trip to Traverse City next month. Miss those lakes!


  2. A friend just “shared” your Plans Change guest post on Facebook. So great. I just moved from SF to Grosse Pointe, and am now the city girl in a small town world. I look forward to looking through your blog for more words of wisdom and following your journey.

    Liked by 1 person

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